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Gabariela Purnama Ningsi
Fransiskus Nendy
Lana Sugiarti
Ferdinandus Ardian Ali


This study aimed to determine that the failure of students to evaluate mathematical explanations based on mathematics is influenced by sociomathematical norms, teaching authority, and classroom mathematics practice. The research method used is the case study method. The research data were obtained from inside and outside the research class. The data in the research class were in the form of field notes, video recordings of the class, video recordings of student group work, and student work. Data outside the research class is the result of interviews with three interview subjects. By studying the three evaluation methods students used in evaluating explanations, it was found that each student applied a different evaluation method at different times. The three evaluation methods contributed to some of the difficulties students experience in evaluating their mathematical descriptions. The results indicate that the failure of students in evaluating explanations is not solely due to errors in choosing the method, approach, or learning model used but can be caused by sociomathematical norms, authority, and classroom mathematics practices applied in the classroom.

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Ningsi, G. P., Nendy, F., Sugiarti, L., & Ardian Ali, F. (2021). STUDENT EVALUATION MATHEMATICAL EXPLANATION IN DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS CLASS. Kalamatika: Jurnal Pendidikan Matematika, 6(1), 45-56.